Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wrap up :)

Let's tally, shall we? :)
4 pans of Spanish Rice
58 lumpia
59 bean burritos
3 extra bowls of chip dip

I did not get to my oven baked chicken or my fried chicken wingies.  But still, not too shabby for a day's work!  Remember, you would be able to do this much faster than I...I took a lot of time taking pics and posting, etc :) 

Because we cleaned up as we went, this is what the kitchen looks like.  About 10 dishes in the sink.  That's it!!!  And Peekiebee is the one who has to do dishes, so that is not even my cat :)

Now, my dear queen bees, let me tell you what might happen.  You will get to the end of the day weary, full from sampling and adjusting spices and someone will meander into the kitchen and say "So, what's for supper?" (OR "Can we order pizza?").

PLEASE my darlings, try to restrain yourself from heaving the pan of 28  burritos at them!  Just smile lovingly, take them by the arm and lead them gently to the freezer. Open the door grandly and say "Darling, the world is your burrito.  Take your pick.  I am going to take a bath." and leave them there figuring out how to nuke lumpia.

Or order pizza.  Either way :D

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  1. Love seeing your kitchen photos. They remind me of our kitchen when we lived there.