Saturday, October 22, 2011

Prep Work

The very first thing to do in the morning is start with a clean sink, an empty dishwasher, and an empty dish rack :)  Cleaning as you go makes life so much happier :)

The stove is shining and pots are out and ready for cooking.  The pie plate will be used for defrosting meat and will stay in the microwave through the day.

 The coffee is ready, the computer is ready for recipes and blogging, the disposable tins are waiting.  I have fresh papertowels, a canister of wipes for quick clean up, hand sanitizer, a nice candle, and the moral support of a little fuzzy friend  (don't worry, I am VERY hygienic and he does not get to help with the cooking :) ).
I also have paper plates for the family to use as I cook, as well as some easy things that they can get to eat so I do not have to break my stride.  There were doughnuts for breakfast, and sandwiches for lunch :)

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