Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mini Chicken Pot Pies!!

My darling, wonderful Queen Bees!  I hope this finds you doing fantastically well and blessed in the Lord!

Today let's talk Chicken Pot Pies!  A little backstory....

After years of those off-the-shelf lunch meals, I have been trying to send lunch to work with Wonderbee.  The freezer meals that we have been working on have been wonderful for that purpose! 

Well he mentioned last week that, if I wanted to, I could pick him up some of the microwaveable chicken pot pies in the single serve sizes.  I really prefer him to have homecooked lunches, but I went to the aisle and read the ingredients.  There was no HFCS (one of my hot buttons), but there was a lot of....stuff.  And more sodium than I thought needed to be there.  It truly was not the WORST meal I could pick up for him, but I wanted to see if I could do it at home (I always get ambitious at the grocery store!).

Now, let me preface this by saying this recipe is not 100%, homemade, I-grew-the-mushrooms-corn-peas-chicken-ground the wheat-myself type of thing.  For us, I am happy with incremental measures of better eating.  I have NO problem trying out a new recipe with a few ready made shelf items to see if it will even work before spending hours hand rolling pie crust before realizing that we do not really like the recipe at all. :)    I think that sometimes we get so eager to do well that we feel that we need to suddenly go 100% into uber healthy, organic, homemade, carob-not-chocolate eating and just get discouraged (and our families start to revolt sometimes lolol).  Small steps make for big gains :)

I wanted to make these in the giant muffin tins, but could not find them at the store, so I used regular muffin tins.  Let me tell you how CUTE they were!  And REALLY easy.  The longest part was cutting out the circles of dough :).

I ran out of crusts (these make a LOT) and tried some of the biscuit dough that I had in the fridge for another "muffin cup recipe".  UGH what a nightmare.  It was like trying to roll rubber bands out flat.  I realized that those refrigerator biscuits will not work for muffin cup recipes.  I ended up throwing that mess out.

It was a bit of an anxious time--I have NEVER EVER eaten a pot pie.  I am not that much of a mixed food person (ate my first pizza at 12 and my first PBJ at 35).  I am a raw veg person.  So I did not even know how these were supposed to taste.  I gingerly tried some of the chicken stuff (trying to avoid a cooked pea at ALLL costs lol).  I also got Peekiebee to try some.  We both decided that it would probably be ok.  So I assembled them and they ended up being SO CUTE!  I was eager for him to try them, but he decided to leave me in suspense til the following lunch.  He LOVED them!  They were easy to make, easy to carry, easy to warm up in the microwave at work.

Recipe to follow! :)

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