Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baked Vs Fried Lumpia

Good evening my busy bees!
Today I decided I was going to make a mega batch of lumpia (eggrolls).
Now, if you have read this blog, gone out to supper with me, or met me at all, you KNOW that I have no problem with fried foods :).
However, after I had to DRAIN THE OIL from each roll of the first batch of lumpia, I decided to try baking them instead (and prayed they would work well!)
I made the lumpia and then coated liberally with oil by spraying some and brushing on others (to see which worked better :) ). Why did I coat them with oil? Because I still wanted that crunchy, crispy, nummy crust. I just did not want to have to wring out the rolls. :) So they only got the oil they needed to make the wrapper crisp, without having oil soak into the filling.
The verdict? I actually prefer the baked ones. The crust is a little more chewy, BUT you can actually taste the filling (as a lot of grease tends to overpower more delicate flavors). I am freezing both (because I ended up with 56 lumpia total!), and will see what reheating method works better and which type stands up to freezing and reheating :)
Stay tuned for the results! :)

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