Saturday, October 22, 2011

Last Dish of the Night (I think :) ) BURRITOS!!!

We are taking our incredible rolling skills that we honed making lumpia to a whole new level....BURRITOS!  Stacks and stacks of beany, salsa-y, burritos. 
Ok, I do not eat beans (green beans, yes,, so it is hard for me to get all het up about this one :). BUT BUT BUT the great thing about the freezer meals is that I can cook something I do not like, but that my family loves, and without me having to eat cereal for supper some night :). Plus they are incredibly handy for lunches :)

Really folks, make ONE batch.  Don't double it.  Because this is what you get when you do.....

 A mess. :)

 The tortillas will have to be heated and moisturized in order to be flexible enough to be folded into burrito shapes.  There are many methods, but I use the "Put entirely too many on a plate with a wet paper towel and nuke the mess out of it" method. 

Everything ready for the great assembly :)  Our pan of bean stuff, a stack of tortillas, and a bowl of cheese :)  I had lined a cookie sheet with tinfoil and sprayed it with nonstick spray.  The burritos will need to freeze solid before putting them in baggies, or they will just fall apart.

Some bean stuff.

A sprinkling of cheese.  Not too much because these are even better when you melt cheese ON TOP when you reheat them :)

 My second pan full.  Altogether I made 59 burritos.

This was how much was left over after my FIRST PAN FULL of rolled burritos!!!!  Really.  One batch is fine.  :)  Buy LOTS of tortillas even for one batch.
I ran out of tortillas WAY before I ran out of beans.  I probably needed at least another three or four packs of tortillas.  Wonderbee offered that I could just put the rest of the bean filling into freezer canisters to mix with sour cream and more cheese to make a dip for football.  BRILLIANT that man is!  It ALMOST makes up for his "Sooo.....what are you thinking about for supper?" comment an hour and a half ago. Almost. ;)

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