Monday, October 24, 2011

Storage Containers

Morning darlings!!

I just thought I would share a link to the storage containers I use. This set is very inexpensive and extremely convenient as the lids lock together (and to the bottom of the stack of dishes) to keep the cupboard neat.   They are square and therefore fit better in the freezer.  All rubbermaid food storage products are BPA free :)

As I mentioned before, I also use 8x8 disposable aluminum pans to freeze casseroles because they fit perfectly in gallon baggies.  I just pop the casserole out of the pan while it is frozen and put it in my one pyrex 8x8 pan for the microwave, which I have sprayed with cooking spray  (for easier clean up).  If I am baking the casserole, then I leave it in the aluminum and set the aluminum pan in the pyrex in the oven.

What are you going to try this week? :)  Have you looked in your cupboards and fridge/freezer and seen any meat, veg, etc that could be made into something for the freezer?  The year is going to get REALLY busy with the holidays, so now is a GREAT time to stock that freezer!

Have a great day!!

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