Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Day of Cooking

My darling, wonderful bees!

Today I thought I would try to take photos while I did a freezer meal day.  I also thought I would document what I am doing as a step-by-step.  We will see how this turns out :)....

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  1. Love all of your day of cooking posts! Thanks so much. Getting these in my e-mail inbox is really helping to remind me to make things in larger batches and freeze some for later. I now have meal size portions of ground beef and shredded chicken cooked and in my freezer along with your amazing burritos and my own toaster waffles. And this week I bought things for a double batch of my husbands favorite Turkish cabbage au gratin and will freeze one. Really must try your lumpia too. I have a friend who makes it and it takes her forever to chop up all the veggies. Your cole slaw tip will make it do able for me!