Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spanish Rice Part 1

First we brown the rice in a little (lot) of butter :)  It starts to smell wonderfully nutty! 

These are some of the ingredients for Spanish Rice.  I tripled the recipe.  I am not sure how many 8x8 pans it will make, but we will soon find out! :)

My onions from the freezer :)  An ounce of preparedness is worth a pound of "Hon, I need you to run to the store QUICK!!" :)

I seasoned ground pork (or you can use bacon or sausage) and cooked it.  Then I added back the onions and rice, added all the rest of the ingredients except the cheese.  I then moved that pot to the back burner to simmer while I started browning the next batch of ground pork for the lumpia :)

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