Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Small Snack

Cooking takes a lot out of you and I was getting HUNGRY! :) My snack:

Coffee and homemade Double Chocolate Pumpkin Bread.  All those bits you see are chocolate chips...NUM!!!

My Coffee Bar has a wide selection.  For my first coffee of the day was Boca Java's Atomic Java with 50% more caffeine....
However, for my next coffee, I chose to mellow out with Community Coffee with Chicory.  Chicory a)is a relaxant  (which we need when we are doing a big project..esp one where our onions have to be thrown out :) )  b)it is good for the digestion/liver (perfect for a cooking day!) c)increases appetite (ok, this is not exactly what I need, but I will be nibbling all day anyway, chicory or not, so I figured it would not hurt :) ).

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