Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seriously it has been THAT LONG???

Sorry my beautiful bees!  Things have been hectic here with the holidays.  I have not done any mass cooking in a while.

Someone (ahem, me) left the door to the freezer open and I lost all my food.  Yeah, it is a bummer, BUT these things happen AND that means I get to restock it!!!

A couple of weeks ago I got my order from Delta Meat in.  WHOOOHOOO!!!!!  I had ordered it before Christmas, but they were backed up.  We got a hind quarter of beef and a side of pork.  I meant to order chickens, but forgot.

Anyway, I have not finished cleaning out the freezer (everything is still in there, refrozen, but it is -45 and I am not going to clean out the freezer and drag everything to the dump this cold!).

However, what I DID decide to do is to cook a bunch of meat today.  Firstly, as I have said before, the meat usually takes the longest in a meal.  Also, I could keep it in my inside freezer.  Plus I was missing ingredients for a massive meal cook.

So in just a couple of hours I cooked enough slab bacon (which I cut into chunks) for probably 2 weeks of TWS's breakfasts, 2 packs of sausage which will go perfectly in spanish rice, soups, and spaghetti sauce, plus two whole bags of boneless skinless chicken thighs.  I boiled those in seasoned water to cook them through.  Then I got out my little electric skillet thingy and put oil in it.  I took seasoned bread crumbs, added parmesan cheese (green can stuff), cayenne, and seasoned salt, then dredged the cooked chicken in that, then milk, then in that again and fried it up a couple of minutes on each side.  This is my Italian Fried Chicken and is PHENOM.  I now have enough breakfasts for me for probably 2 weeks as well (I have chicken for breakfast almost every day).

I love doing this with meat!  I am half tempted to go put in a roast or two since everything else is done, but my next job is actually chicken and dumplings for supper, so i think that is good for now :).

This is a great time of year to stock the freezer!  (just make sure the door shuts :) )

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